Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Stolen Luck by Shawna Reppert

Thanks to Netgalley for providing me a copy for review!

James Dupree is desperate.  His family and his estate all depend on his ability to find his family's stolen Luck -- a token of friendship given by elves decades before that grants his land bountiful harvests and his household and crops and animals freedom from sickness.  Since the Dupree luck was stolen on the night his father was murdered, things have gone downhill... the estate is in debt, and the next year's harvest might well be the last for Dupree Manor.

So he gambles and wins an Elven slave, even though he abhors slavery, in order to gain the elf's aide in crossing into the elvish lands in pursuit of a long missing thief and regain his lost Luck.
As they travel, and gain and break and gain and break each other's trust, James and the elf Loren move forward along the path of retrieving this luck, and building something far greater than anything the Luck could offer... but will it last?

Wow, what a ride!  I've never really been into the romance story scene, but when I requested this from Netgalley, I didn't really get a romance vibe or I missed it somehow.  But the fantasy elements and the sexy elf really helped make the story hehe.

I think the fighting got to be a bit too much, but I still enjoyed the growing love story between James and Loren, and their battle to push through their roles and their obligations and their histories to find something real.

I'd recommend the book as a fun read.

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