Monday, October 28, 2013

Summer Knight by Jim Butcher

This series is amazing.  Definitely moving farther and farther into my list of favorite series of all time.

I love Harry Dresden.  I love his world.  I love Karrin Murphy, and Billy the Werewolf, and Toot-toot the fairy.  I love the Council, the blasting rods, the vampires, and Chicago.  I love his cat Mister, his talking skull Bob, his religious warrior friend Michael, and his sardonic wit. I love that James Marsters narrates his audio books.  I love that he owes fairies from bargains, has a dark past, and buys pizzas for Toot-toot.  I love that he signs on to help everyone and anyone at his own expense, any where he can, any way he can.  I love that he's smart and funny and loyal.
Needless to say, I love Harry Dresden.

Book 5 next month? I think I will! :)

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