Friday, July 12, 2013

When She Woke by Hilary Jordan

I very much enjoyed this futuristic thriller/drama by Hilary Jordan.

When Hannah fell in love with the wrong person and terminated a secret pregenancy, she didn't know that getting caught would change her world... for the better.

She gets branded as a Chrome... in her world, people who commit crimes are chromed, or forced to undergo therapy that changes the color of their skin based off their crime.  Hannah is branded red for taking a human life.

She is then forced to live in a mirrored room, with cameras showing her every move, for a month.  This time is supposed to make her focus on what she has done and come to grips with it, become penitent for it, weep for her mistakes.

After this initial period, she must wear her "scarlet letter" for a set period of time as punishment.

Along her journey to true freedom, she meets people who rock her worldview and change her perspective on the truly important things in life.

The end was a little abrupt, but overall, I loved this book.  Definitely recommended reading.

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